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Name: Tifa Lockheart
Canon: Final Fantasy VII

Canon Point/Location: post ACC

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Age: 22

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Like so many characters in Final Fantasy VII, Tifa is not what she first appears to be. She looks like a bombshell – and acts like the girl next door. She dresses like a flirt (at least in the OG) and fumbles her way through her interest in Cloud. She’s the fist fighter that avoids emotional confrontation and the caretaker whose motives aren’t always altruistic. Tifa is often both sides of the coin. She’s healer and hurter, fighter and hider, strong and scared. Tifa is both complex – and surprisingly simple. The key to understanding Tifa is to understand that she does what she does because of the people she loves.

On the outside, Tifa often appears to have it the most together of their group and to be the most stable in her position. For her friends and adopted family, Tifa is the support system. She’s the confidant that will guard secrets, the cheerleader that will encourage and cheer them on, the quiet hand (or lap) to steady them when they falter, the faith to share when they doubt themselves. She’s a natural fighter and has a strong sense of what’s right and what’s wrong and what needs to be done to 'make things right'. It’s her goal to always have a smile or an encouraging word, to always be there to back up the people that need it. She has a heart that’s willing to take in a lot of different types of people and the ability to give them a home. Even when she may not feel capable of it, she doesn't falter when the others turn to her when things needs to continue past the point they seem broken. Tifa tends to let others find their own way but she tries to always be there to provide a sense of stability and quiet strength when things get confusing.  She's there for the children when Cloud disappears and she gives Cloud room to find his own answer right up until the children are in danger and there isn't any time left for him to 'dilly-dally' on his road.  She makes mistakes, and sometimes she's too cautious, but she always tries and she never gives up.

On the inside, Tifa is still a very young woman trying to find her way in a new life, one she wasn't always sure she was going to live to see.  Putting together a family with Cloud and Barret has given her a strong sense of self and belonging, and yet she often worries that she's not measuring up, that she's not being what her family needs her to be.  It's faded some since the geostigma.  She's come to realize that maybe all of them were trying too hard to be 'perfect' or some kind of stereotype they all thought they should be instead of being who they were but its still something she has to mentally wrestle with from time to time.  She still carries guilt for her part on the deaths that AVALANCHE and Shinra caused and while she's getting better every day at doing what Barret suggested, of giving back to try to pay off the debt she feels she owes, its a conscious struggle on her part and one that she works hard at.  She's also getting better at confrontation when it comes to emotional things.  She saw, horrifyingly, what her avoiding telling Cloud that their memories didn't match caused and she's been working hard ever since to push herself to face things she'd rather avoid when it comes to emotions.  It's not her nature to share what's going on in her heart but in order to make things work, she's trying.  Sometimes she needs help - her first response when she realized Cloud had moved into Aerith's church was to try to leave but a push from Marlene set her back on the right path.  She's getting there and she's aware that each day is a step forward or backward depending on what choice she makes.  She's learning, a little every day, that she doesn't need to be what she thinks other people expect.  She needs to be the best of her that she can.  She's still flawed, and sometimes insecure and very aware of those flaws, but she's not going to give up or stop trying.  She means it when she says 'no giving up!' and she doesn't ask it of anyone else, unless she's willing to live by it herself.

Summing things up, Tifa is both a selfless and self-motivated character, generous and needing, strong and vulnerable, determined and trying to figure things out as she goes. She can supplex a full grown dragon – but being alone makes her nervous. She's trying.  At the end of the day, that’s what it comes down to. Trying to make the contrary pieces of herself work together. Trying to be her best for the people she loves.

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